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TeamEllis – Inspire to Walk


On Wednesday 24th Feb 2016 my family’s lives were torn apart by the tragic accident that happened to my nephew Ellis Robinson. Ellis is 17 years old his ambition is to be a professional footballer.

Throughout is young life football has been Ellis’s only passion, he has played for many clubs Lyndhurst, Failsworth Dynamos, Moston Valley, Avros, Failsworth School, Oldham Town, Manchester County, Rochdale FC, LKG, Limeside Athletic, Curzon Ashton and Ashton United.

Before joining a course at Oldham College which enabled Ellis to continue his passion for football. Not long into this college term Ellis was put forward for trials for England College Boys and just missed being accepted by a whisper. Not deterred by this Ellis took it on the chin and still pursued his chosen career. Then one evening whilst football training with his uncle Chris and his team LKG (Limeside King George) Ellis suffered a freak injured. Chris knew it was serious and they called an ambulance. He was took to Salford Royal where he had an emergency MRI scan. Things were not good, Ellis had sustained serious SCI (Spinal Cord Injury) and had no feeling below his chest.

How do you tell a young, fit, healthy boy of 17 years old he may never walk again?

The hospital are great, they are very open and honest with Ellis and decided to operate the day after the scan. The operation was to stop further damage to his neck as they cannot repair the damage that has been done. The operation took all day and he now has a tracheostomy to help him with his breathing.

He is now having physio and the rest is a waiting game. It is not known how much feeling he will get back and whether he will walk again. Each day giving the slightest of improvement. With the love and devotion my sister Lisa (Ellis’s mum), Oliver (his brother) and all the family have given and still do each day, we can only pray the outcome will be good. Ellis has a long journey in front of him and he accepts it. BUT what we want to do is try and make that journey a bit easier for him and his mum and brother and with your donations we can make that happen.

Thank you for taking time to visit our site, Kelly (Ellis’s auntie)


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